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A cookie is a small data file made up of letters and numbers which is placed by a website on the device you use to access the internet. Cookies serve different purposes. We use cookies to help us to improve our site and to provide us with information about usage of the website. Certain third parties also place cookies on your device when you browse our website.

Cookie Policy

  1. With reference to the fact that the content of website protea.pl is allowed to be viewed by the third party, it uses cookies. A cookie is a file, stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server and only that server is able to read the contents of the cookie every time you view the site. All the below mentioned pieces of information are used also with respect to other technologies which function similarly to cookies. Cookies are records, mostly text files, stored on a computer or other mobile device while viewing protea.pl website. Such files usually contain: the name of website, time of them being stored on your device and unique number.
  2. The main aim to use cookies is to:
    • let users adjust the website content to their own preferences, navigate between pages efficiently; in particular cookies enable to recognize your device and present the content appropriately adjusted to individual preferences of each user;
    • create the database which enables to understand how users use the website and allows to improve the structure and content of the it.
  3. In connection to protea.pl website the following types of cookies may be used: cookies which allow to gather pieces of information about the method of using the websites; cookies which enable to remember the settings or interface that you prefer with respect to language, region where you come from, font size or site look.
  4. In many cases the software which you use to view the website (such as a browser) allows to store the cookies on your device by default. You always have a right to change the default settings and disable cookies. The settings may be changed in particular to disallow automatic enabling of the cookies while using particular browser or allow you to choose whether you agree to store the files each time cookies are active. More detailed information about opportunities to control cookies may be found in settings of each internet browser software. Unsaved changes of the settings in connection to enabling or disabling cookies will result in the fact that the data is stored on your device and all the same the website owners will have an access to all information.
  5. Disabling cookies may lead to difficulties in using network services on our websites, in particular our preferences in connection to language of the site content. Disabling a cookie does not equal with the fact that you are not allowed to read or view the content of protea.pl website, with the exception of information the access to which requires to change language preferences.
  6. Cookies may be stored on your computer or mobile device and then be used by the third parties such as research companies.

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